Journal for Emerging Affect Inquiry
Image: Forms Passing, Claire Giblin, 2016


CAPACIOUS: Affect Inquiry / Making Space

August 8-11, 2018
Millersville University, Ware Center
Lancaster, PA

This conference has capacious aims! In and across the diverse practices and studies of affect, how might we continue to ‘find room’ or ‘make space’ and under what circumstances might such a framing for affect study be problematic? In August 2018, let’s meet up and endeavor to find out.

Modeled on the same ethos of community building, mentorship, and intellectual generosity that guides Capacious: Journal for Emerging Affect Inquiry, this conference will be open to all (students, faculty, non-academics, and others) while emphasizing the crucial role of graduate students and early career researchers in shaping the scholarship in affect study.

Like the seriously awesome #affectWTF event of 2015, the three full days of this conference will be largely structured around proposed panel streams. Submissions that tend toward more the un-disciplined, evocative / provocative, and aesthetically-oriented – what we are calling ‘interstices’ – are also encouraged. Spotlight panel sessions and seminars / workshops with a dozen brilliant up-and-comers, including a few established scholars, will provide stirring evidence and useful insights about the latest trajectories of affect inquiry.

Let’s get capacious!!

Make space on your calendar for these dates:

Conference dates:

Of special note/incentive: If you are a published author in the journal Capacious by the date of the conference, your registration fee for the conference will be waived.

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