Journal for Emerging Affect Inquiry
Image: Fruiting bodies of Lycogala epidendrum, Benny Mazur, 2007

Aims and Scope

adjective: capacious
  1. having a lot of space inside; roomy.
    synonyms: roomy, spacious, ample, big, large, sizable, generous; formal commodious

Capacious: Journal for Emerging Affect Inquiry is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal that is, first and foremost, dedicated to the publication of writings and similar creative works on affect by degree-seeking students (Masters, PhD, brilliant undergraduates) across any and all academic disciplines. Secondarily, the journal also welcomes contributions from early-career researchers, recent post-graduates, those approaching their study of affect independent of academia (by choice or not), and, on occasion, an established scholar with an ‘emerging’ idea that opens up new avenues for affect inquiry. The principal aim of Capacious is to ‘make room’ for a wide diversity of approaches and emerging voices to engage with ongoing conversations in and around affect studies. This journal will champion work that resists:

The journal will always encourage the energies and enthusiasms, the fresh perspectives and provocations that younger scholars bring to bear on affect within and across unique and sometimes divergent fields of intellectual endeavor. At least initially, Capacious seeks to avoid formal ‘calls for papers’ and ‘special theme issues.’ Our not-so-secret wish is that the essays and subsequent issues will forever remain capacious and rangy: emerging from various disciplines and conceptual [t]angles. Indeed, our aim for every journal issue would be that its collected essays not really coalesce all that much, but rather rub up against one another unexpectedly or shoot past each other without ever touching on quite the same disciplinary procedures, theoretical presuppositions or subject matter. Capacious shall always endeavor to promote diverse bloom-spaces for affect’s study over the dulling hum of any specific orthodoxy.