Journal for Emerging Affect Inquiry
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Publication Policies

Open access and copyright

Capacious is an open access journal. Authors whose work appears in Capacious retain copyright and grant Capacious right of first publication. Unless otherwise noted, all materials published in Capacious are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). As per the terms of this license, readers may download, reproduce, redistribute, and/or republish editorial materials from Capacious provided they attribute the work to its author(s) and to Capacious when doing so. Authors must accept these terms when submitting work to Capacious and cannot revoke them following publication of their materials.

Publication ethics

Authors, editors, and board members participating in Capacious remain committed to cultivating an intellectual community that:

  • upholds stringent standards for academic rigor,
  • espouses a spirit of compassion, and
  • embraces a commitment to growth.

As such, it aims to honor the Committee on Publication Ethics’ guidelines for best practices in scholarly publishing. Moreover, as a member of the Radical Open Access Collective, Capacious embraces values commensurate with the Collective’s publication philosophy—most notably “openness,” “experimentation,” and “an ethics of care.”


Editors-in-chief of Capacious decide which submissions to the journal should be published. Guiding those decisions are comments from both reviewers and/or members of our editorial board, parameters outlined in the journal’s Author and Reviewer Guidelines, and any legal requirements regarding copyright infringement, libel, or plagiarism.


All articles will be reviewed based on content and merit of contribution without regard for the gender, sexual orientation, race, or age of the author(s).


Capacious will never use submitted content without an author’s consent. All articles submitted for peer-review are kept confidential. Our editorial staff will not disclose any details regarding submissions to parties other than the corresponding author(s), reviewers, and members of the editorial board.

Plagiarism and citational practices

Articles that do not meet the requirement of originality may be rejected without peer-review. The author(s) should ensure that the work and words of others have been quoted and cited in accordance with the standards set out in Author Guidelines. Capacious does not accept submissions which are otherwise under consideration and an article under consideration or in review by Capacious should not be submitted to any other publication.


Editors reserve the right to amend the published article and include a dated erratum. If an error or inaccuracy is discovered in a published article, the editors will consult with the author(s) to correct or retract the article.