Journal for Emerging Affect Inquiry

Ensuring a Blind Peer Review

To guarantee the integrity of a blind review, please ensure that the following steps have been taken to remove identifying data from your submission file:

  1. Delete author name(s) from the text, notes, and filename
  2. Remove any identifying details from the file properties/metadata

If you have collaborated, used change tracking, added comments, or exchanged a manuscript by email, it is likely that your document contains personal data. To scrub your documents of hidden data, follow the instructions below:

Microsoft Word 2003 (Mac OS/Windows)

  • Under the FILE menu select SAVE AS > TOOLS (or OPTIONS on a Mac) > SECURITY
  • Save your document

Microsoft Word 2008 (Mac OS)

  • Under the FILE menu select PROPERTIES
  • Under the SUMMARY tab remove all of the identifying information from all fields
  • Save your document

Microsoft Word 2007 (Windows)

  • Click on the “Office Button” in the upper-left hand corner of the application
  • Select PREPARE from the menu options.
  • Select PROPERTIES for the PREPARE menu options
  • Delete all information in the document property fields that appear under the main menu options
  • Save the document

Microsoft Word 2010 (Windows)

  • Under the FILE menu select PREPARE FOR SHARING
  • Click on the CHECK FOR ISSUES icon
  • click on INSPECT DOCUMENT icon
  • Uncheck all of the checkboxes except DOCUMENT PROPERTIES AND PERSONAL INFORMATION
  • Run the document inspector which will search hidden properties and indicate if any fields contain identifying information
  • If the document inspector finds that document properties contain information, you will be given the option to REMOVE ALL
  • Click REMOVE ALL to remove personal information from the document
  • Save the document