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Image: 19th-century Chinese apothecary and foot binding materials, Ellin Beltz, 2014

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Capacious: Journal for Emerging Affect Inquiry is dedicated primarily to the publication of writings and similar creative works by degree-seeking students (PhD, Masters, brilliant undergraduates), recent post-graduates, independent (non-academic) researchers, and early career researchers. On a rare occasion, an established scholar with an ‘emerging’ idea may also publish with Capacious.

This journal seeks submissions that are shorter in length than most academic journal articles: generally essays in the range of 1000–7000 words. The journal will continuously accept submissions on an ever-rolling basis and ‘publish’ them to the site after they have gone through the double-blind review process, been copy-edited, formatted, etc. Once five or six reviewed articles have been posted at the website, the journal will gather them together as a single downloadable ‘issue’ and, given the respective contents of that particular issue, recruit an appropriately resonant member from our editorial board to write an introduction or afterword that captures some of the key aspects and arguments raised across the assembled pieces.

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